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In-house training

Online training solutions are renowned for a number of qualities, which are highly valued in today’s dynamically changing small world. With this being said, we are aware that the need for classroom training is ever present and the latter is an important part of the education process in many of research establishments.

In line with our determination to provide the best possible clinical research training solutions to our clients, we have set up a wide variety of classroom courses for research establishments in the UK. They could be delivered independently or in almost any combination with our online training. If you would like to learn more or simply do not find the course you require, please visit pharmatraining.co.uk or contact us at the numbers listed below. We are looking forward to discovering how we could best assist you!

As a step in our effort to deliver affordable, accessible, and comprehensive solutions to clinical research specialists worldwide, we have developed multi-language versions of our International ICH-GCP online training. Currently, it is available in Spanish, Polish, Italian, and Russian. More information is available.

For further information about discounted deals please contact:
Sales department at +44 207 099 7432, email: sales@infonetica.net

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